Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Damien's first day of preschool

So today was Damien's first day of preschool and he just couldn't wait! It started a month or so 714ago when I bought him some school clothes, he has had a bunch of outfits all laid out ready to go ever since! He has been counting down the days for quite some time and has had the hardest time because Bailee started 2ND grade a few weeks ago and didn't understand why he couldn't go when Bailee did. We went and saw his teacher and his classroom yesterday at the open house and that got him even more excited! Damien usually has the hardest time waking up but he was up bright and early this morning before anyone else and he was ready to go! He wasn't scared or nervous just so excited! Bailee on the other hand was having a hard time with it! he is my little worry wort who worries about everything there is to worry about! He was nervous for Damien and was afraid that someone would be mean to him or that he would miss me! It was kind of funny actually because Damien was not scared AT ALL and even when I dropped him off he dropped his backpack and ran to his seat and didn't say goodbye or anything! I just cant believe how big he is getting and not needing his mommy so much anymore! well he is off to school right now so I cant say how his day went but I'm sure it went great and he made lots of friends!


  1. wow he is so big and brave!!!! i love that he laid his clothes out...

  2. I think that is so cute how bailee was so nervous for him! I think that is part of the being the oldest thing. I know I am that way with my siblings and so is Gunner! Our babies are getting so big!!